Let you light shine!

Matthew 5:15
Nor does anyone light a lamp
and put it under a basket,
but on the lampstand,
and it gives light
to all who are in the house.

From this text it appears that there is light to shine.
It would be folly to light a lamp when it gets dark and then place it under an inverted bushel, so that it remains as dark as before.
No, one puts such a lamp on a table, or hang it from the ceiling, preferably as high as possible, so that the light shines into the farthest corners.

This also applies to the light of the gospel, the light of grace, which the Lord has given to His own here on earth.

That light of grace is here,
▪︎ but how do we deal with it?
▪︎ how often do we use it incorrectly?

Do you realize that you are putting His light under a bushel,
▪︎ When you are silent, when you should speak?
▪︎ Or when you speak, when it would be better if you remained silent?

Do you realize that you put His light under a bushel,
▪︎ When you continue to have unpleasant habits,
▪︎ When you display lovelessness,
▪︎ When you … Well, so on. You can for sure also name a lot of things yourself.

Because of all those things,
▪︎ we do not attract people, but instead repel them.
▪︎ In this way we do not spread light, but make the darkness even deeper.

Happy is the man who may place the light of God’s grace high on the candlestick of his life.

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