If only there were no borders between one country and another, or between your garden and that of the neighbors.
If there were no boundaries between parents and children, or between boys and girls.
Would you like that?

At first glance, you may soon think … Limits …? Get rid of it!”
But you do feel that where boundaries are crossed, it is precisely there where the word and weapon violence erupts. It is also for this reason that Europe strives for unity and a borderless Europe.

But when exactly do we cross the borders?
Or rather: How can I just walk on the border without getting into problems?
These are difficult questions, also dangerous ones. Especially the latter.

And yet … You would love to know where the line of good and evil is.
When should action be taken, and how, and by whom?

The Bible is written about people who remained within the set limits. But also about people who broke through the borders. The consequences for those people are also included.
So you do know where you stand after reading.

To learn where your limits are, you must read this Book.
Just start.

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