Life does not always run smoothly.
Sometimes things happen of which you think: How bad … That it can storm in someone’s life so terribly. Or perhaps it is happening in your own life.

Some storms you take over yourself.
Blaming others or blaming God does not help. You owe it to yourself.

There are also storms that just (?) happen to you.
▪︎ A disease that takes you down and takes you months, or maybe a year, to recover from.
▪︎ The death of one you loved so much.

People react very differently to unpleasant events.
▪︎ The one is down.
▪︎ The other does not let himself be cast down, and tries to make of it what can be made of it.
▪︎ Again another walks around sulking, full of rebellion.

It is also possible that you have self-reproach, and therefore kick against the world and against heaven.
It really gets scary when you blame God and risk losing faith in Him.
“If there is a God, then He could at least have …”!

Fortunately, there are also people who will point out to you, that God wants to help you to get through the storms.
They draw strength and hope from their faith in Him.

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