Only Jesus

Psalms 16:2 RV1885
I have said unto the LORD,
Thou art my Lord:
I have no good beyond thee.

You are my Lord; I have no good besides You.
All the good things that I have in my life are gifts from you.

In this verse we read a confession of David.
In his life he learned by grace that it is the Lord alone.
This is how this word is best understood in the context of this psalm.
Nothing in his life, even if it is the best, exceeds God.
To him the Lord is the all-sufficient God, in whom only the source of his life and salvation lies.

David had a lot.
Women and children were given to him.
He had an army that served him.
But outside of God they ultimately mean nothing.
If he, by grace, did not have the Lord in his life, then there was no brightness and no expectation for him.
Does that also apply to you?

The things of this time, the goods in this world, have such great value and appeal to many of us that they are fully absorbed by it.
Many even mix their desire for earthly possessions with their religion, expecting God to give them everything they desire.

Yes, they even seek refuge in it.

If this also applies to you, what is your life than poor and shabby.
Eventually you will be lost with all your possessions.

The Lord alone is the highest good.
Outside of Him there is only perishing.

Grace teaches you to understand that.
When you understand that, you know that there is no value in anything outside of God and his community.
Then for you it will become for you too: All in and out of the Christ alone: ​​the Lord alone.



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