Trust in God

Psalms 16:1 NASB
Preserve me, O God,
for I take refuge in You.

Preserve me O God, please keep me safe God, for in You do I put my trust, I take refuge in You, I trust you!

Psalm 16 is a golden treasure.
A jewel for the living faith!

In the midst of this psalm David may testify of the uttermost best that, by grace, is available to him in this life: God Himself!

That gives him a view on a fantastic future amid all kinds of circumstances.
That also allows him see across death and grave.

We can have the same!
All because of Him who has overcome sin and death: Jesus the Christ.

The light of Him shines in this psalm.
David’s life is safe because of God alone.

But that is not self-evident for David.
Because who is he?
How are his circumstances?
David’s whole life, has been a life as if he was living on an impending volcano.

Again and again he was in situations of fear.
That is why this psalm begins with a prayer for preservation.
In that prayer he may take refuge into the only safe haven that is there for him: The Lord!
Here speaks the true faith that trusts in God! Because of God.
That trusts in God, because he knows who God is.

  • Do you know who God is?
  • Do you know who God wants to be for you?
  • Do you know that secret in your own life?

Your life may go through circumstances and need,
but when you belong to Him,
▪︎ your soul always has a view on God,
▪︎ and your spirit always has a view of God in the Christ.



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