The poor in spirit

Matthew 5:3 NASB
Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

I once heard:
▪︎ the poor in spirit, that are the children. They are not as smart as adults.
▪︎ Others say: they are people with a mental handicap. They cannot think as well as others.

Neither is true.
Jesus means something else when He talks about the ‘poor in spirit’.
They are people, or children, who expect everything from God.

  • They say: money does not make you happy, God’s blessing makes you rich.
  • They say: If you’re really in trouble, God can help you much better than anyone else.
  • They say: even though I am so smart, if God does not help me, I will not make it

The poor in spirit know that they depend on God for everything in their lives.
They cannot do without God.

So in fact we all need to be poor in spirit.
That is quite exciting.
Jesus says: for the poor in spirit is the Kingdom of Heaven!

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