Peace on Earth

Luke 2:14
Glory to God in the highest heavens,
and peace on earth

Peace on earth. At first glance it seems like folly.
What an enormous amount of confusion can be found in this world.
Revolution, terror, arms race, bomb blasts, Murder and manslaughter, and so on.

▪︎ Who can verbalize all the misery that can be found in children’s lives?
▪︎ Who can verbalize the hunger in the developing world?
▪︎ Who can verbalize the diseases that are all around?
This earth is a pool of misery, so bizarre, it can no longer be expressed in words.

And yet it was spoken by the angels: Peace on earth.

The Lord Jesus Himself also said:

Matthew 10:34
Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth;
I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

And this is true to this day. Where He comes with His word of grace and work of grace, enmity breaks loose.
Whenever the gospel is proclaimed somewhere,
every time the truth is spoken somewhere,
Satan, the adversary from the very beginning, will try to destroy the work of God.

Anyway: Peace on earth?
▪︎ First He came into the world to restore what has been destroyed by sin.
• To restore Adam’s lost children into God’s favor and fellowship.
• To bring peace to the soul through His own blood.
• And here in this world, despite everything, it will still be confessed: “He is our peace!”
▪︎ And soon a new earth will come through His work.
And then peace will blossom eternally.

You may still experience falling and losing,
but if you belong to Him you will soon experience the rising in victory.
Perhaps tribulation now, but soon eternal peace will be our share.


Twitter: @SchoemakerHarry
Twitter: Twitter: @SchoemakerHarry

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