Circumcision and Name

Luke 2:21
And when eight days had passed,
before His circumcision,
His name was then called Jesus,
the name given by the angel
before He was conceived in the womb.

When the baby was eight days old, it was time for the priest to circumcise Him, so He was circumcised. (All Jewish men had to have their genitals circumcised. That was the sign of God’s covenant with the Jewish people. See Genesis 17: 7–14).
And simultaneously. His parents gave him the name Jesus. That was the name the angel had told Mary that they must give Him. He told her that even before Mary became pregnant.

All Jewish boys had to be circumcised. That is what God commanded Abraham as described in Genesis 17.

Genesis 17: 10-11
Your part [of the covenant] is,
that all the men in your family should be circumcised.
You should have the foreskin of your genitals circumcised.
That is the sign of the covenant between Me and you.

Circumcision was a visible sign of the covenant between God and His people. It shows that something needs to be changed for us to be pleasing to God.

Did Jesus Christ also need that sign?
Not for Himself, He had not committed sin, and He was already one with the Father, but to fulfill the law and set others free from the law.

He bore the mark in His body to fulfill the law and to save mankind from sin. He wanted to be equal in everything.

Luke also says that, as was the custom, He then also received His name: Jesus, as indicated by the angel.

Like Joshua in the Old Testament, that name means “the Lord redeems.” This little boy, only eight days old, will live up to that name later in life.

Just as circumcision showed that something needs to be changed about us to please God, there is still a significant change to be made today.
Now not on our body, but in our body.
We must be born again (John 3: 3) and we believe that we can be saved only by the grace of the Lord Jesus, the Christ. (Acts 15:11)


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Twitter: Twitter: @SchoemakerHarry

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