06 – Unwanted and rejected

The market.

When I was about 16 I was used to go into the streets to handout Gospel tracts. Every week I did this in a different part of the city, and returned back home when my bag, that I had filled with hundreds of tracts, was empty.

I don’t remember exactly, but I think I was almost, or just 17 years old when this activity brought me on a Saturday to the weekly market in the south of the city.

On that market I saw a man who was standing there selling Bibles and Christian literature.
I was amazed that he was there on his own, since it was a church activity. We talked a while, and I decided to help him. So from that moment we did it together.
We were together on the market every Saturday, sun or rain, winter or summer, and during the week we went sometimes to Utrecht to get new literature.

This continued till I was called for military service.
I was only 3 months in the military because of my asthma, but when I returned the stand was not there anymore and lost its rights.
I never heard what happened.

Coffee bar

In the time I was helping him on the market he told me of a friend who wanted to start a “coffee bar”.
It was a place where a cup of coffee was served while we spoke about the Gospel.
I got in contact with Him, and was helping there as well.

But when the number of people grew, they didn’t like me to speak about the Gospel anymore. This was done by others now.
A few years later this “coffeebar” stopped.

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