Some of the questions people ask me are:
– Why do youth leave the church (or worse, forsake the Christ)?
– Why did their parents forsake the Christ?
– Why did parents forsake the youth?
– Why are ministers preaching a watered down gospel?
– Why do churches have a religion with no Presence of God?
– Why do church meetings look like rock concerts?
– Why seems money in many churches more important than the Christ?

Actually there is a simple answer to all of these questions.
Many churches are only existing to keep their religion going, and to collect your money.
So they don’t preach REPENTANCE, the CHRIST, or GOD’S KINGDOM anymore, but just that, what people LIKE TO HEAR. Feeding GREED to them. Resulting in a congregation that only wants MORE, MORE, and MORE.

These places, you could hardly call them churches, do a lot to ENTERTAIN the CARNAL man, and have little attention for the SPIRITUAL values of th Gospel. Resulting in this that many who go to these places, may FEEL good, but are STARVING spiritually.

When preaching repentance, the Christ, or God’s Kingdom, the preachers in many of such “churches” may fear for not being allowed to enter the church again next week. (Believe me I have multiple times experienced this to be true)

When people don’t know anymore what is waiting for them at the end, they LOSE THEIR VISION, and try to make from the church meetings, nice SOCIAL MEETINGS, instead of meetings to bring glory and honor to God.

Some churches even brought in practices which are directly against God’s will and command.

When this happens people start to wander, because they start LOOKING FOR VARIATION AND ENTERTAINMENT.

And because these “churches” are afraid to lose members (and with them their money) they ADD ENTERTAINMENT, instead of RETURNING BACK TO GOD.

My experience is that people only long for God’s redemption after they have seen the lost status they are in, or when their needs have opened their eyes.

That’s why I will keep preaching repentance, and forgiveness by a loving God. But also warn the people that there is an end to this time of grace.

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