Jumping to conclusions

This morning I felt sad. This was because I was reading incoming messages for almost 2 hours. And pity enough, none of them will be visible on ekklesia.

Why not you ask?
Most of them had a similar reason, that is why I thought it would be good to put your attention to this. The reason was JUMPING TO WRONG CONCLUSIONS.

For example when I say that I saw a monkey in the zoo in Rotterdam,
– you may not come to the conclusion that they can ONLY be seen by me, because anyone who is not blind can see them;
– or that the ONLY place where you can see a monkey, is in the zoo in Rotterdam, because they live in NATURE as well, and they can be seen in OTHER ZOO’S as well.
And when you after jumping to this wrong conclusion, would say that I have said, they are only in the zoo in Rotterdam, you would be saying a flat out lie.

Or, when I say my wife prepared food for me,
– that does not mean that ONLY means for me to eat is, if my wife will prepare food for me, for I can butter a slice of bread myself as well. 🙂

Similar “mistakes” are commonly made in different churches, and in devotionals, but because we want this group to show the pure word of God, I don’t want to follow them in this.

And as similar “mistakes” where in most of the the texts that I was reading this morning, they did not make it to this group.

Yes, the Bible verse was correct, but the conclusions derived from the text, were not, sometimes even far from the truth; so they were not published on this group.

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