Looking at the balance

In Psalms 105:4 we read: ⁴Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face continually.

This verse is encouraging us to search
For the Lord, and for his strength, and to let our hearts to be turned to him continually.

Something similar was said by Jesus as it is written in Matthew 6:33
But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things (the things you need) will be added to you.

We do not have much problems with the first part, looking to the LORD and his strength, that is what we all like to do; especially when we are having problems, or when we feel attacked.

But seeking His face always, like Psalm 105:4 says… Is that even possible? I cannot seek His face while I’m working, can I?
And reasoning like this, many feel comfortable by laying this part of the Bible verse aside.

Let us now be honest to ourselves and evaluate how we fill in our time.
Okay a number of hours per day are used for working and sleeping, but how do you fill in the rest of your time?

What is more important?
□ Watching TV or reading your Bible?
□ Playing games or reading your Bible?
Is the time you use for those in balance with the importance of them?

Many are spending much more time on their computers or cell phones than that they spend with reading the Bible and prayer.
Is the time you use for those in balance with the importance of them?

Now we are comparing, let us look at a few other things as well.
▪︎How are you spending your money?
▪︎What is taking most of your thoughts?
▪︎Where are you putting your best efforts?
Does God even reach the top 10 of those?

When making this inventory of ourselves, other questions arise.

▪︎Do we give enough time to God?
▪︎Is God really your number one for you?
▪︎Is God really your consuming passion?
▪︎Is God really your first love?

Are things in balance in your life?
If not, then this is a wakeup call for you, to bring things back into balance.

Take time for your heavenly Father, He is waiting for you!

Prayer suggestions:
□ Ask God to forgive you if you actually ignored Him.
□ Ask God to strengthen you in keeping your time with Him.
□ Thank God that He, although you didn’t think of Him, still had His eyes on you and kept you save.

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