To God be all the glory

I read almost every day reactions of people thanking me for the messages, and even so often I react with telling them that all the glory and honor belongs to God and to Him alone.

People keep telling me what a great preacher, or teacher, they think I am, but I am not! Neither of them!

I want you to know that I’m absolutely nobody special.
What I’m allowed to do, and what you read or see, is nothing more than God’s faithfulness to you. And there is nothing where I could take any credit for.

What you need to understand is that there are no great men, and there are no great women of God. There are just ordinary people who heartily do what a great God asks from them.

If it was not for His grace, I would already have died long ago. At least 6 times God has saved my life. It is only His love, grace and mercy that I’m still alive, and that I’m still able to talk or write to you.

You may be reading of missionaries, ministers, or other workers in God’s Kingdom, and think I can’t live up to this. The fact is that no one can live up to any of them. Me neither. God may have completely different plans for you and me.

When you see an exceptional person, or when you see a person do something exceptional at a certain moment. It is the grace of God, working through that person for the benefit of those around him.

I am so aware of the fact that I’m a dying man, and that I’m living in extra time which God gave me. And that I’m talking to people who all are going to die as well. Some of you maybe even before I do.

I know that the things which the Lord has allowed me to do, and the things where I can look back on now, were only possible, and done because of His overflowing grace.

I realise, that I did most of those things with fear, because I was not able to do those things. It was just not possible, knowing my weaknesses, and knowing my fears.

Even today, although some may have the impression that I’m a powerful preacher, or teacher, I’m still spreading the Gospel, shaking and trembling.
For I know how angry I would be if someone would hurt my wife. I love her, and will not allow anyone to hurt her.
Now imagine, if I by my words or actions, would hurt His bride, whom He loves so much, that He even gave His Son for her. I really would be in deep trouble.


What I also want you to know is that if you’re in the will of God, in whatever circumstances you may come, He will strengthen you to overcome them.

He will help you, and at the times when He doesn’t help you, that is necessary for your growth.
Because those times when He doesn’t help you, and you fall flat on your face, are reminders to you, that even in your greatest moments there was nothing in it, that was from you. It was the grace of God working through you.

You know, many of you probably have thought, that if there’s persecution one day, will I than be able to stand, and cope with it?

The answer is yes you will!
But not because you have an exceptional character, but because you have an exceptional God Who will strengthen His people and help them to overcome.
And in those times when it doesn’t seem like He’s strengthening you, He has another purpose, but it’s still a good purpose!

I think that that some of my failures have helped me in the long run more than my victories.

You will be okay as long as you, in every failure, don’t listen to the devil.
When you fail the devil will tell you: “God doesn’t love you anymore. Go away”. It’s never God saying that.

Always when you fail, God always says “Return to Me, Come back to me, Depend again on me. That’s how we discern God’s voice.

Really God will rebuke you, and He will rebuke you with very, very hard language. But it will always be followed up with, return. I love you.

If you ever hear a rebuke and it’s basically followed with go away, God doesn’t love you anymore, or go sit in the penalty box for a few days, and then think about coming back, that’s not God!

Keep your faith in God,
And keep following Jesus.

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