This could very well be our prayer as well.

In Psalms 79:9 we hear Asaph pray:
HELP US, O God of our salvation, for the glory of Your name; And DELIVER US, and FORGIVE OUR SINS for Your name’s sake.

Asaph was calling out to God when Israel was was again in trouble. 
We find it so easy to point to Israel and say “Can you understand them? So often they came in problems after leaving God. Why do they leave Him over and over again?”

But may I ask you to look in the mirror? 
Where are you at this moment? 
And where is your country?

Did we not all go astray and did we not all go our own way instead of following the Christ?

Don’t we all need to pray this prayer and repent of our sins and ask for forgiveness for our wrongdoings?

HELP ME o God, and DELIVER ME and FORGIVE ME MY SINS. For only in you is my salvation.

I’m sure there are times that God really is disgusted with our behavior, and our lack of seeking Him. 
I’m sure there are moments that He is blessing us, only because we are His people, and we wear His name.

But when we cry out to Him and repent of our sins, confessing that we were again trespassing His rules, and confessing our shortcomings, He will prove to be still our Savior.

Even when we are not what we should be; When we repent of our sins and call upon Him, our Father will act out of compassion and love, and preserve the glory of His name.

Prayer suggestions:
— Ask God to forgive your sins, your rebellion against Him, and your failures.
— Ask God to deliver you, not only from the consequences of your sin, but also from the mediocrity that permeates our commitment to Him.
— Ask God to help you to come back to your first love for Him, so you again will have a red hot zeal to seek His glory, and the glory of His name.

Never forget that He alone, the God of heaven and earth, is your Savior!

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