Don’t be a pig

Dear friends, 
Have you ever thought about how bad our sins really are?
God hates sin, and without the offering of His Son we would all be destined for hell. That’s how bad our sins are.

And have you ever thought about how much we hurt God by sinning?

We were the ones who with our sins hit Jesus with the whip.
We were the ones who with our sins pushed the thorns through His brow.
We were the ones who with our sins put the nails through His hands and feet.
We were the ones who with our sins have pierced His heart.
With our sins we caused God to give His Son to be killed.

We cannot even begin to imagine how much pain we caused our Lord by sinning. 
We cannot even begin to imagine how much pain we caused our heavenly Father by seeing us hurt and kill His only Son whom He loved so much.

I tell you today that if we can sin again and hurt our Lord and our Father again in such a terrible way, without ourselves feeling hurt in our heart because of sin as well. 
If it doesn’t hurt us so bad that it makes us cry, I think we never understood what God did for us, and how terrible our sins really are.

If you can only say sorry for it, as if your sins were no more than accidentally bumping into someone, while actually you were crucifying Him all over again with your sins, I wonder if you ever understood what His death meant for Him and for you.

I know that people will react with “My sins are washed away. I am now justified by His blood”. Yes you indeed were cleansed, but not to continue to live in a worldly way, not to continue sinning.

In Romans 6:1-2 we read: Are we to continue in sin so that grace may increase? May it never be! How shall we who died to sin still live in it?

Don’t be a pig who after being washed runs bag to the mud hole, jumps into it and after his mud bath exclaims “I have been washed from all dirt that was on me!”
It speaks the truth; he has been washed. But the foolish animal doesn’t realize that he is now again, as dirty as he was before; maybe even dirtier than he has ever been.

I pray that you will know, and appreciate the value of the forgiveness God gave you.

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