False prophets

Saying “The Lord says” while God has not spoken.

I see often people prophesying, that people who like and share their message, will, before a certain date, receive a huge amount of money.

Some are even doing this in the name of God or in the name of Jesus.
While they know very well that God did not speak to them.

Do you realize that you next to the fact you are not spreading the Gospel, by doing this, even make God to a liar by saying things He did not say.

You too know very well that nobody will receive what you prophesied. This makes you to a false prophet!

It makes me wonder, if you had lived in Old Testament times, and you knew that you would be stoned to death, if your prophecy was not completely, and for 100% fulfilled, would you still have said this?

If you are one of those who did this, you better repent of this sin right now, for you made God to be a liar and God will not be mocked!

Ask God if He will forgive you for this terrible sin.
And ask Him if He will accept you again.

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