The eternal life

How does one get that?
Many people think to have an answer to that question, for example:
▪︎ You must live a good life
▪︎ You must love your neighbor
▪︎ You must be baptized and belong to a church
▪︎ You have to live like a Christian … and so on
In itself it is not bad if you do these things, but they will not earn you eternal life.
Behind all those answers is a thought that shows a wrong attitude.

We will have to find the answer in the Bible.
And there it is written:

“The gift of God is eternal life …”

As long as we think we must do something to be worthy of eternal life, we will also know that we are not good enough. Because we never are!

And then God comes with His grace.
But grace is for the guilty.

That is where it must begin, seeing that we are guilty before a holy God.
This applies to every person, but we have to recognize it personally.

That can frighten a person.
How can I get rid of my debt?

Now, that is why the Apostle Paul writes: Because we know this fear of God, that is why we move people to believe. For the love of Christ constrains us.

God has given us the ministry of the Atonement!
That is our message!

God has an offer to you.
To save you, God gave His own Son in death on the Cross!
That’s how far the Love of God goes!

God’s love is so wonderful that He does not want to condemn people who have sinned against Him.
He has to condemn us, but He doesn’t want to; He wants to save us.
For that He gave His Son.

And now God is asking you to accept His free offer, His Son as the Savior.

Yes, it actually says (read it in the Bible in 2 Corinthians 5) that God begs and prays you to accept Him as the Atoner.

And we implore it, with the apostle:
“We pray you: Be reconciled to God!”

Wouldn’t you stop trying to make yourself good enough for eternal life?
Why not accept God’s offer?

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