Buddha or the Bible

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The other day I was in an antique store to do some sorting out (a friend told me), and someone came in with a big Bible.

He was apparently short of cash, because he asked the owner of the business what he could get for it.
The answer was, “I don’t give anything for that; it’s worth nothing.”

Shortly afterwards someone else comes in and asks:
“May I take a closer look at that buddha statue?”
A moment later he leaves the shop with the statue under his arm; he paid Hfl. 1200,- for it.

Yet there is only one religion that has a living God.
The Bible speaks of a God who created every living thing.
And of Christ Who died, but Who also rose again.
That’s a God who hears prayer. (Is that your experience too?)

Then why is a buddha statue worth more than a Bible?
Why do people want to get rid of the Bible?
And why do people want to buy an image of buddha for a lot of money?

Oh, Buddha, that’s easy. He’s dead.
One can sit and meditate by a Buddha statue … until you calm down … Then one gets up, and goes to work, and … the worries return. Nothing has changed!

And the Bible?
That’s a tricky book.

The first thing the Bible does to someone who opens himself to God’s Spirit is to convince him of sin, righteousness, and judgment (John 16).
And if that is difficult for you, you can close the Bible or get rid of it.

But if someone is convinced by it,
acknowledges his guilt to God and man,
then the Holy Spirit points to the cross,
where the Son of God has made atonement.

Anyone who goes with his or her guilt to that Redeemer, to be washed by His blood, will find there forgiveness and full peace and joy.

Yes, we can thank God for that!
Then He works new life, regeneration, yes, makes a new creation: 2 Corinthians 5.

A dead Buddha cannot do that!

Do you know that new life?
Delivered from the bondage of sin?
Is that living Christ your Savior and Friend and Helper?
Then that holy God has also become your Father, to whom you can entrust yourself in all circumstances.

What a grace!

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