What you don’t see …

What you don’t see doesn’t exist! says the devil. And he tries to fill everyone’s life with everything that is as fleeting as ether, passing like a vapor.

“The things that are seen are temporary, but the things that are not seen are eternal,” the Bible says. But Satan wants to force us to play his game, and so one goes empty-handed into endless eternity, and thus comes to stand before a holy God … How awful.

Or the devil says: What you don’t see does exist! If you are fed up with this consumer society, like so many young people, and realize that this temporary indeed has no lasting value, then the devil lets you look into the black hole.

He shows you that your ancestors are still alive, as most pagans believe and even the Batavians already knew … And then the devil catches you with the occult, until you get scared, terribly scared, and he will try to drive you to death by suicide. Then he laughs …

Thank God, God is here …, and in His infinite love He has given His own Son to save you, even though you are trapped in whatever snare of the devil!

Jesus Christ breaks every chain! From addiction, to the chains made of false piety that keeps you from true happiness. Put both your hands in His hand, and He will save you and guide you safely.

Then the devil will come back when you have become a Christian. He wants to replenish the life of every Christian with the temporary things!

What difference is there between the life of many Christians and the life of an unconverted one, except going to church and reading the Bible at the table, etc.?

Is your ur life filled with what does not last (Matthew 6), or are you building up a treasure Above? (Colossians 3:1-8)

The motto for every Christian should be: ‘Saved, to save ‘ After the experience of misery and redemption, that may be our gratitude.

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