A story – The lighthouse

I was walking in the dunes along the sea when I got close to the lighthouse.
It was a quiet day and I enjoyed the beautiful nature, but the closer I got to the lighthouse, the more pollution I saw. And when I arrived at the lighthouse I saw that it was, as it were, on a rubbish dump.
It smelled awful. You could see rats eating on a dead seagull, and there was really nothing attractive about the whole environment.
Yet that lighthouse stood proudly in place there, and unlike the surroundings, the red and white colors on the tower turned out to be bright and clean.
Night was drawing near and as it grew darker the lighthouse began to radiate its light over the dark sea.

It struck me how we too are a light in this smelly and polluted world.

This world stinks of sin, evil, and destruction.
Sin makes the stench of Death and evil go all over the world.

But because the “Lighthouse Keeper” cleans and maintains us over and over again, we can, despite the storms that rage regularly, still stand firm as a lighthouse and sow the light we have received brightly around, to reach those who are still far away now, to help them find the Safe Haven, and to bring them to our Lord.

So, let your light shine before the people.

Matthew 5:16 (AV)
Let your light so shine before men,
that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven.‭

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