Love your enemies

Luke 6:27 NASB
But I say to you who hear,
love your enemies,
do good to those who hate you


Jesus was the perfect example of this command in His life and death.

Love has such redemptive, life-changing power.
Though not everyone responds, many do.

Being kind in our deeds and loving in our hearts to our enemies is not easy. Out of our own sinful self, this is even impossible. Our flesh screams for revenge when something bad is done to us.

For this we need Jesus and the indwelling of His Spirit into our hearts and life. It is God’s Spirit Who can fill us with Jesus’ love and help us to live the powerful lives of grace; even in the presence of those who hate us.

Prayer suggestions

▪︎ Confess that you have trouble with a few people who seem determined to criticize, undermine, belittle, and defeat you.
▪︎ Ask God to give you the strength, and the character to resist their attacks.
▪︎ Ask God to help you respond to their actions in a way that is redemptive and righteous.

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