Psalms 150:1-6 NASB
¹Praise the Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary; Praise Him in His mighty expanse.
²Praise Him for His mighty deeds; Praise Him according to His excellent greatness.
³Praise Him with trumpet sound; Praise Him with harp and lyre.
⁴Praise Him with timbrel and dancing; Praise Him with stringed instruments and pipe.
⁵Praise Him with loud cymbals; Praise Him with resounding cymbals.
⁶Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!


Praise the Lord !
Praise God in His temple.
Praise Him high in the sky, where he shows his great strength.
Praise God for the great things that he has done.
Praise Him because he is great and powerful.
Praise Him with music!
Yes! Use trumpets, harps and lyres to praise God!
Dance and hit drums to praise him!
Make music with harps and flutes to praise Him!
Make music with big cymbals and small cymbals to praise him!
Everything that is alive should praise the Lord .
Praise the Lord !

It is very clear that we are here stirred up to praise God.
Praise God in his sanctuary, and the privileges we enjoy by having Him among us; praise Him because of His power and glory in the firmament.

Those who praise the Lord in heaven, behold displays of His power and glory which we cannot yet conceive. But the greatness of all His mighty acts is known in His creation of the earth and the universe, and all that is in it.
And the holiness and the love of our God are more displayed in man’s redemption, than in all of His other works.

Let us praise our God and Saviour for it.

We need not care to know what instruments of music are mentioned.
Hereby is meant that in serving God we should spare no cost or pains.

▪︎ Praise God with strong faith;
▪︎ Praise Him with holy love and delight;
▪︎ Praise Him with entire confidence in Christ;
▪︎ Praise Him with believing triumph over the powers of darkness;
▪︎ Praise Him by universal respect to all His commands;
▪︎ Praise Him by cheerful submission to all His disposals;
▪︎ Praise Him by rejoicing in His love, and comforting ourselves in His goodness;
▪︎ Praise Him by promoting the interests of the kingdom of His grace;
▪︎ Praise Him by lively hope and expectation of the kingdom of His glory.

Since we soon breathe our last breath,
while we have breath let us praise the Lord;
then we shall breathe our last with comfort.

Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord.
Praise ye the Lord (the literal translation of Hallelujah).

Such is the very suitable end of
▪︎ a book inspired by the Spirit of God, written for the work of praise;
▪︎ a book which has supplied the songs of the church for more than three thousand years;
▪︎ a book which is quoted more frequently than any other by Christ and his apostles;
▪︎ a book which presents the loftiest ideas of God and his government,
▪︎ a book which is fitted to every state of human life,
▪︎ a book which sets forth every state of religious experience,
▪︎ and a book which bears simple and clear marks of its Divine origin.

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