A crown of thorns

Mark 15:17
They dressed Him up in purple,
and after twisting a crown of thorns,
they put it on Him;


The soldiers received Him from Pilate, and now they are playing their game with Him. The Eternal Son of the Father is here the plaything of wretched mortals. He calls himself King of the Jews, they will make Him King.

Thorns are the material from which they weave the crown for this King.
A painful crown. The thorns stick deep into His temples. Blood runs down His cheeks.

They put on the crown and hit it.
They mocked this King.

What a material: thorns!
The earth produces thorns as a result of the curse pronounced on the earth for our sakes.
And then those hands that woven the thorns. Have you seen those hands? I have, so sang Rev. Robert Murray McCheyne, braided His crown and filled His cup.

▪︎ We have done that with our words, our works, our thoughts.
▪︎ We have done that, whether religious or not.
▪︎ We did this through our unbelief.
▪︎ We did this through our enmity.

He wore it.
He let the game play to the end.
He did not resist. Like a lamb …

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