Not on the feast

Mark 14:2
But they said,
Not on the feast ‭[day]‭,
lest there be an uproar of the people.‭


In two days it will be the Passover.
The feast, which was a memorial of the Lord’s deliverance of Israel from Egypt, is approaching.

Easter lamb, unleavened cakes and bitter sauce will be consumed.
The eldest son of the family would ask his father what kind of celebration this is.
And his father will tell him of the mighty and redeeming works of the Lord.

Israel is preparing.
The Sanhedrin too. They must catch and kill Jesus.
The limit has now been reached. The decision has been made.

Cunningly. That’s how Satan and his demons work.

Not during the feast! Because you can fear that the people will get upset when they hear about this. And then the feast would be desecrated. That’s how pious they are.

What awful things people can do under a pious appearance.
To your dismay, have you ever seen this in your own life?
Not during the feast ..! ?

But to Whom did that passover lamb point?
Whose blood only saves from death?
Whose blood is to be put on the posts of our hearts?

Can I ask you a question?
Has that blood already been put on the posts of your heart?
Then it really can be feast!

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