Where is the world going?

▪︎ Adultery is allowed in South Africa.
No man or woman has the right to repudiate the other because of adultery anymore.

▪︎ The United States confirmed that all the countries of the world, to establish good relations with the great powers, must accept same-sex marriage (woman-woman or man-man).

▪︎ Germany has signed a law which declares that there is no more incest, that is to say: brother and sister can get married, mom and son, dad and daughter, etc.

▪︎ The city of Miami is now proclaimed the city of purchasing public sex.
This means: on the way, to church, at the mosque, at the market, at the soccer field, if you need sex you can enjoy it anytime without any problem.

▪︎ Canada has authorized bestiality (sex with animals).

▪︎ In Spain: pornographic films are allowed in high school and universities.

▪︎ Authorization for the prostitution of minors is given.
Marg Luker states that any young girl at the age of 10 who experiences sexual pleasure, is free to do so. No one should defend her from finding out how her body works.

▪︎ Finally, the USA made it possible to open satanic churches publicly.
Dear brothers and sisters, the end is near, the departure into Glory is approaching.

Christians are being distracted and the devil wants to draw with him as many souls as possible in order to withdraw them from divine mercy.
Let’s be careful.

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▪︎ Why do we sleep in church, and stay awake in bars?
▪︎ Why is it so hard to talk about God but so easy to gossip?
▪︎ Why is it so easy to ignore messages from God but forward dirty messages?

I think you know the answer.

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