The withered fig tree (2 of 3)

Mark 11:20 AV
And in the morning, as they passed by,
they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots.‭


The people of Israel are several times compared to a fig tree.
But that in itself does not say everything. They are not saved, because they are Abraham’s seed, but on the fig tree Israel, fruit will also have to be seen. If that is not the case, the curse of the Lord will strike them.

That is what the Lord Jesus wants to teach through His curse of the barren fig tree. And that curse was complete, for we read here that the tree was withered from its roots.

This shows that a new life is completely out of the question.
What a serious word for us too.

How often does God’s church have to complain that things are so dry and dead inside them.
How few fruits of faith and repentance are revealed.
This sometimes arouses fear whether the Lord has begun a good work, for otherwise the fruits would be present, wouldn’t they?

It is a happy thing when we notice that ourselves, and that the Lord should not do it when it is too late. He who comes before God with his dryness, and for whom it has become a pain in his soul that he has so little to offer the Lord, will be restored, and bud again.

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