Strength for each day

Deuteronomy 33:25 AV
Thy shoes ‭shall be‭ iron and brass;
and as thy days, ‭so shall‭ thy strength ‭be‭.‭


Your strength will be as your days (Deuteronomy 33:25)

It is God who has the ages in His hand.
We are children of the day, who cannot foresee.

That is why the Savior teaches, “Do not be anxious about the morning, for the morning will provide for its own; each day has enough of its own evil.”

Yes, enough indeed!
A single day can bring us so much sorrow, so much disappointment, such a hard struggle, that we have enough of the burden it puts on us.
And if it is not sorrow or disappointment, it may be a temptation that our weak strength cannot withstand.

What an encouragement read here for every day!
He who holds the measuring line of the ages, comes to assure us that He takes into account not only our day of life, but also every short span of time that He makes the sun rise and set over us.

You do not know what this day will bring you.
You do not know what encounter, what loss, what temptation, what suffering, what disappointment, or what unexpected blessing.

But we do know for sure that we will receive strength, just as much as we need.
Let us therefore start the day without worry.
In proportion to what is required of us, the strength will be allotted to us.

Do we feel weak and weary?
Then don’t forget that the power is promised to us.
That power He, our God, renews to all who belong to Him, and are weary or feel powerless.

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