All things are possible (2 of 3)

Mark 10:27 AV
And Jesus looking upon them saith, ‭
With men ‭it is‭ impossible,
but not with God:
for with God all things are possible.

How many times will anyone have thought or said this word.

When Israel stood before the Promised Land, it still had to cross the Jordan.
It thought, it is impossible for us to enter it, but God made a path through the wild waves for the people. God made the impossible possible.

The disciples in our passage are wondering if anyone can be saved. If that rich young man who has strictly kept almost all the commandments of God cannot, then who can be saved.

Perhaps this question from the disciples is also your question.
Let me say straight away that it is impossible for you. Nothing of yours, no work, will be able to save you.

Inside you are completely dead by nature.
There is not a single glimmer of spiritual life in you.
Impossible that you could save yourself.

But note this, what is impossible with you is possible with the Lord.
▪︎ What you cannot do, He can.
▪︎ He can completely renew you.
▪︎ He can transform your heart.
▪︎ He can give you eternal life.

Would you like to receive that?

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