The year 2020

It is again the end of the year, so time to look back

2020 has been a year of continuous recovery for me, and most has come to a standstill.

After I had first a heart attack in August 2018, 7 weeks later followed by a cardiac arrest where I was also almost 15 minutes without air, and 4 days in a coma, my body had endured a blow, of which I am still recovering.

End 2019 I had an operation on skin cancer on three spots on my body, on my right arm, my left shoulder and a big spot on my back. The wounds needed daily care from a nurse, but they all have been wonderfully healed.

The flu I had in October 2019 caused the planned operation to be delayed by one month, and after I had the operation in November I could still not go outside as I couldn’t have the heavy winter coat over the open wound of over 25 by 7 centimeters and 1,5 centimeters deep.

In February I would, after having been inside for almost 5 months, try to go outside again, but then came the news of Corona. I usually have over the winter months a dripping nose and sometimes some coughing, but this always disappears as soon as I go outside again in spring, but this year any body going outside with a dripping nose could receive a fine of € 435,= for the first time trespassing the rule, € 900,= for the second time, and 14 days imprisonment for the third time.

The slight problem, was no problem to do the operation, it was no problem for the nurses to take care for the wounds, but from February I again had to stay home, so the dripping nose didn’t go away either.
So I have been locked up now for over a year and the end is not in sight. Next year January I have to go to the cardiologist for control, but I think that will also not push through, because of this, and because I cannot wear a facemask (asthma and heart), and without facemask there is no transportation possible.

Where in 2019 my messages still were seen by 10.999.982 (almost 11 million) people on Facebook and thousands on other social media, this year they generally seen by less than 30 people, and many days by none, as they were deleted before anybody had the chance to read them.

Specially on Facebook I am still heavily censured. Since the end of 2019 I’m still not allowed to have any friends, to join any group, or to like any page, to prevent I would share my messages with them. People are however allowed to follow my profile, but most of them (about 95%) will never see what I post. Making me wonder why I’m still there.

When you do like to see the studies and devotionals, it is best to read them on my website. All messages can still be found on and by using the archives and calendar you can also easily find the very first messages. Those first messages went to only 4 people on Facebook, but soon the number started to grow, till in the end to almost 11 million, and now it is almost back to the four I started with.

To stop with Facebook has crossed my mind different times, although I did stop on other social media networks, I didn’t stop there yet.

I wonder what will be next, so I look forward to what God is going to do in the coming year. I trust Him to lead me further on His way, and give me words to share with you.

Rests me to wish you all a merry Christmas and God’s rich blessings for the coming year.

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