How long (3 of 3)

Mark 9:21 AV
And he asked his father, ‭
How long is it ago since this came unto him?‭
And he said, Of a child.‭

Life isn’t always that easy!
This father in this text knew that, for he experienced it daily.

His boy was sick from childhood.
A certain kind of madness gripped that boy, which made him a danger to himself and his environment.

What a lot of concerns that must have given to this father.
What if you have such a child,
▪︎ just imagine the amount of worries it would bring,
▪︎ just imagine the amount of care you would have to give,
▪︎ just imagine the amount of time the child would need from you,
▪︎ and just imagine how much love it takes to be a good parent to a child like that.

Maybe there are some of us who do have such a child, or one who is severely mentally handicapped.

What should we do then?
Then, just like this father, we must bring our child to the Lord Jesus.

That father was allowed to experience that his child was healed by Jesus.
He was able to see that literally.

Now I am not saying that we all will see such a healing.
But I do say that the Lord has established strength for Himself out of the mouth of infants, including all those who are severely handicapped. And what a great thing it is if we can see this in our child.

How difficult it may be to have such a child,
on the other hand, it is wonderful to know that it is the Lord’s property.

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