Seeing Jesus only (2 of 2)

Mark 9:8 AV
And suddenly,
when they had looked round about,
they saw no man any more,
save Jesus only with themselves.‭

How much do we see with our eyes!
Many beautiful things that move us.
However, we also see a lot with our eyes, of which we must say afterwards that we better should not have seen it. What we saw shocked or even disgusted us.
Nevertheless, it is a rich possession to have two eyes and to use them well.

Do you know what is very bad though?
This, that we are all blind from ourselves, to see the glory of Jesus Christ.

When we desire to behold Him in His glory, our blind soul-eyes need to be opened first.
Have these been opened by the Word and the Spirit?

When this happens, we will find that we see no one but Jesus alone. To this end it is necessary that others are taken away first.

Before the eye of the disciples, the pillars of the Old Covenant, Moses and Elijah, were to disappear, and then they saw no one but Jesus alone.

It is precious, if we may only behold Him, both in His humiliation and in His exaltation.

Then it is … “my God, I will praise you forever.”

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