Almost everyone has anxiety

No one should be ashamed of it.
The world around us is terrifying. In the past, people could still close their eyes to it, but now all the misery of the whole world enters our home. Now only in image and sound; but we sometimes fear that our living room can also become the scene of that horrible reality.

What can one do about fear?

What can one do against illness, against unemployment, against divorce, against an accident, against heart failure? Insurance is of little help.
And the curiosity about what is after death, the occult, how many fears has that brought forth! Terrible nights filled with terrible powers … A continuing list of suicides.

There is One Who has rest, and gives rest

That’s GOD. With God there is light, security and rest!
But did you know that God also had no rest for a while?

Immediately after creation, God had rest.
Everything was good and beautiful! Until the first humans chose to listen to the devil, over listening to God.

Then the fear came.
Adam and Eve hid themselves for fear of death, of the punishment of God.
But God’s rest was also disturbed. For He wanted to help the people, even though they had gone against Him, even though they had chosen to listen to His opponent.

God went back to work.
He sent prophets to convince the people that they were to blame for knowingly and willfully doing wrong again and again. However, God saw that man could not deliver himself from the power of the devil.

God gave the solution

God’s own Son, Jesus Christ, came to earth and took upon Himself on the cross the punishment that we sinners have deserved. Now we can receive forgiveness of sins from Him. That gives our conscience peace of mind, and makes those who trust Him children of God, of that mighty and loving God and Father.

That gives real peace!

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