Talitha cumi (2 of 2)

Mark 05.41 (AV)
And he took the damsel by the hand,
and said unto her,‭
Talitha cumi; ‭
which is, being interpreted, ‭
Damsel, I say unto thee, arise

Fortunately, all those noisy people are now gone. Jairus and his wife had absolutely no need for their grieving. There are times when we almost pray to be released from the inconvenience of people. Do you recognize that?

When Jesus is alone with the father and mother of the child and three of His disciples, He goes to the bed on which the dead girl lies. He comes up to her and takes her hand, ready to raise her up, for He is going to do what He promised Jairus: raise the child.
Then He addresses the dead. He does this in the Aramaic language. Talitha kûmi! Literally, this can also be translated as: “Little lamb, get up!”
He uses a pet name: Little lamb! Maybe her mother would say that to her in the morning when she woke her up because it was time to get up.

What tenderness this expresses.
This is the same Savior Who cast out the mourners and who, if He must, look on men with wrath. But at the same time He is the merciful Savior, Who deals with tenderness and love with people in need and misery.

We must rely on the mercy of this Savior.
That mercy may give boldness to come to Him with all our needs, worries, and sins.

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