One Thousand !!!

This morning I published the 1000th devotional on my site

A lot of these devotionals you will not find on Facebook, because I had to make a restart a few times after Facebook removed my account, my page and my group. And because Facebook has a hobby of frequently removing messages when they don’t like the contents.

Although they do all kinds of things to make it more difficult for me (like not allowing me to have friends, and often not allowing me to join groups, or like pages), and by times make it appear completely useless to post anything, as they remove the messages almost daily, or make it impossible for people to see them.
Also for the 770 followers on my account, my messages remain mostly invisible (even for my own wife). I’m still here for the few that can see them.

Therefore I continue to advise all of you to follow me on my website, if you like to be sure that you will see the messages.
And if you have a Twitter account, you can follow me there ( @SchoemakerHarry ) to receive daily links to the devotionals that were published in the previous 24 hours.

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