1 Kings 17.1 (AV)

And Elijah the Tishbite,
‭who was‭ of the inhabitants of Gilead,
said unto Ahab, ‭
As‭ the LORD God of Israel liveth,
before whom I stand,
there shall not be dew nor rain these years,
but according to my word.‭

And Elijah …

Suddenly he stands before us, Elijah, the prophet of the Lord.
Like lightning in a clear sky, so unexpected is the meeting with the prophet Elijah.

Little is known to us of this suddenly appearing prophet.
▪︎ Where did he come from?
▪︎ Who are his father and mother?
▪︎ Which tribe does he belong to?
They all remain unanswered questions.

Only this we know, that he comes from Gilead, a rough country east of the Jordan.

His parents, who are unknown to us called him Elijah.
That name is a sermon in itself! “My God is Yahweh.”

The unchanging and faithful God of the covenant is my God.
What a confession.
What a blessing it is to bear that name. Especially when it is not only on the outside, but also in the heart.
What an eternal privilege, to be able to know that God through hidden communion with Him. That was the portion and the power of Elijah.

“My God is Yahweh.”
That’s what it comes down to, for us too.

For what is God if He is not my God?
It is rich to know that God is the God of His people, but if He is not my God, then I am lost!

Rebirth, true repentance is needed.
In that way the Lord becomes our God.

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  1. Even if we can create the gods for our selves but we know that there is one GOD who created heaven and earth the living GOD

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