Like a bird

Hosea 11:11 NASB
They will come trembling like birds from Egypt
And like doves from the land of Assyria;
And I will settle them in their houses,
declares the Lord.

There has been a turn in Hosea’s prophecy.
He now sees the wandering people returning to his God.

Not because that people want it so badly, but because the Lord calls and draws.
And there they come, like a trembling bird, in a hurry, heading straight for the target.

They come from everywhere, because the exile has spread the people.
They are also from Egypt. From the land of the arch-enemy. From the land from which the people have been redeemed before. And as impossible as it was before, so impossible it is now.
But if God works, who will be able to stop Him?

The way has been paved by Him Who had to flee to Egypt as a Child and also came back from Egypt.
In whom the word is fulfilled, I called My Son out of Egypt.

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