Joel 3:1 NASB
For behold, in those days and at that time,
When I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem

Or in other words:

Judah and Jerusalem were once great. One day, at that time, I will make them great again.

In those days and at that time
▪︎ The Jews restrict these words to the return from Babylon, and see it only as a now fulfilled prophecy.
▪︎ Christians however see this also as a prophecy that yet has to be fulfilled. We also refer it to the second coming of the Christ when God will deliver his Church, which consists of both Jews and Gentiles.
▪︎ But the prophet comprises the whole redemption, beginning from the return out of Babylon, then continued from the first coming of the Christ down to the last day (His second coming), when God will restore His Church to perfection.

Restore the fortunes
It will be the time of the redeemed, for it shows us that God is going to reverse the situation for His people.

Though the bondage of God’s people may be grievous and long, yet it shall not be everlasting.

▪︎ The bondage in Egypt ended in their glorious deliverance to the promised land
Let my people go, so they may serve me. 
▪︎ The bondage in Babylon ended likewise.
▪︎ And likewise, the Lord Jesus provides for the effectual redemption of poor enslaved souls from under the dominion of sin and Satan.
He will proclaim that acceptable year, the year of jubilee, the release of debts and servants, and the opening of the prison to those that were bound. 

There is a day, there is a time, fixed for the restoration and deliverance out of the captivity of God’s children, for the redeeming of them from the power of the grave; and it shall be the last day and the end of all time.

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