Dark and Light

The night still scares people. As if evil creeps around in the night. Children are afraid of the night. They feel so alone sometimes.

The Germans used to fear the ferocious army of Wodan, which would storm through the forest in the twelve nights between December 25 and January 6. Therefore, the Germans begged their gods to “heal” these dangerous nights so that they would no longer bring misfortune, but happiness, health, and salvation.

These nights were dedicated to their gods, so that they would not bring disaster but salvation. The German word for Christmas, “Weihnacht”, is a reminder of that.

When the Church brought her Christmas message to the Germans,as they went through the darkest nights, the Church has deeply touched the Germanic soul.
The proclamation that the Lord Jesus Christ was born in the night, as the Light of the world, was believed by them.

You too can think of that during dark days, or difficult times.

See Isaiah 9:1,5,6

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