Be happy

Luke 15:24 KJV
For this my son was dead, and is alive again;
he was lost, and is found.
And they began to be merry.
(started to be happy, started to celebrate)

There the prodigal son who had come home lies in the arms of his father.
No, now he is no longer lost. He is found!

He has confessed his guilt.
What was that easy to do for him, there in the arms of his father.

Caught in the arms, of the merciful God, confessing guilt is not difficult.

And see what the father does.
The found son gets a place of honor at his father’s table.
There is also it best dress for the ragged bum.
And a ring is put on his finger.
What a grace!! And that for one like him!

Not just any cloth, but the best cloth.
No half, but full forgiveness.
The whole house becomes a banquet hall.
What a joy.
Jesus said: “I say to you, that there will be joy in heaven about one sinner who repents.” What a grace!! And that for one like me!

Besides joy in heaven, there is also joy in it the heart of the found sinner.
A silent, deep joy in God, through Christ Jesus.
A rejoicing in God.
Can you also share in that?
Is heaven cheerful about you? Or sad?
Can it be said of you: ‘This my son (daughter) was dead and has become alive again? “


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