Why do people die?

Romans 5:12 AV
Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world,
and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men,
for that all have sinned


Death is the punishment on the disobedience of mankind to God.
God clearly told us:

Genesis 2:17
Of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you may not take; for on the day when you take of it, death will certainly come to you.

But mankind rather listened to Satan than to God, and we are since then suffering the consequences of our disobedience.

When God created man(kind), He made man(kind) in His image.

Genesis 1:27
And God made man in His image, in the image of God He made him: male and female He made them.

Like God is a trinity, He created man also as a trinity, consisting of body, soul, and spirit.

Death is the separation of the human spirit from the body or of the soul from the body, making the body prone to decay.

When man(kind) choose not to be obedient God, but follow his own way, their spirit died immediately, to be followed by their bodies in a few years.

Because many don’t have the spirit anymore, they also have no need to feed it, and is it not possible for them, to understand that the spiritual man needs to feed his spirit, and needs to fellowship with other spiritual man.
That is also why they can so easily decide to close churches, or limit Christians (who do need to feed their spirits, and who do need the fellowship) in visiting church meetings

Death is something many are afraid of, because it causes an end to the human life. It came into the world because of sin.

We must understand that sin first started in heaven.
The one who started sinning in heaven is the devil, who was once called Lucifer

Isaiah 14:12-15
¹²How great is your fall from heaven, O shining one, son of the morning! How are you cut down to the earth, low among the dead bodies! ¹³For you said in your heart, I will go up to heaven, I will make my seat higher than the stars of God; I will take my place on the mountain of the meeting-place of the gods, in the inmost parts of the north. ¹⁴I will go higher than the clouds; I will be like the Most High.” ¹⁵But you will come down to the underworld, even to its inmost parts.

He is also the first person to have died from sin in heaven.
He lost his body and place and was cast to the earth.
He has been judged to suffer eternal death in the lake of fire (Revelation 20:10).

As a sinner, he influenced Adam and Eve to sin against God, and as a result death was introduced to the human spirit and eventually the human body.

Thus death was passed from Adam and Eve to the entire human race.
But there is hope in Jesus Christ.

In Jesus Christ, we are given the opportunity to escape from eternal death, that is, ending in the lake of fire.

Believe in Jesus Christ, and you will not need to be afraid of natural death.

Prayer suggestion

▪︎ Thank the Lord for giving you hope in Jesus, the Christ.

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