New creation

Live like new people
Stop being led by bad desires.
Don’t long to cheat.
Do not crave forbidden sex or other sexual misconduct.
Also, don’t long for a lot of money, because money is an idol.
People who give in to such desires are disobedient to God.
He will punish them for that.

When you were still living as unbelievers, you too did all those bad things. But now you completely have to stop doing that.

Get rid of your anger, your anger and your bad thoughts about someone else!
Stop insulting each other, scolding each other, or lying.
Because you are not like you used to be.

You are new people now.
God gives you insight to get to continually know Him better.
And so you become more and more like the person God wants you to be.

You are new people now.
New people are no longer Jews or non-Jews.
New people are no longer slaves or free people either.
New people have no problems with different races, for there is only one race, the human race, and there are only two kinds of people, those who are saved, and those who are lost, and those who are still lost, can be saved.
You are Christians!

Focused on heaven
As a new person you may be occupied with the things of heaven.
You don’t have to keep worrying about everything you did wrong.
You have to repent of them, don’t do them again, and focus on God.
If you focus more on God, you will also become more like Him.

How can you focus more on God, instead of the things you are doing wrong?

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