Lazy christians

Maybe you too have experienced that there is an increasing number of people who have become lazy christians.

What do I mean with lazy christians?
I mean those “christians” who are not willing…

▪︎ To act in faith,
▪︎ To do the works of faith,
▪︎ To fight the good fight of faith,
▪︎ To learn from His word,
▪︎ To seek God’s Kingdom,
▪︎ To stand firm on God’s promises,
▪︎ To study the Bible,
▪︎ To take time for prayer,
▪︎ To take time to build a relationship with God,
▪︎ To use the gifts of the Spirit
▪︎ and so on…

While you as a God fearing Christian are on your way to the Kingdom of God, you may pass on your road people who will tell you that they are Christians too, but that they are not yet that long on the way. They need your help they say.

“Help, please help me.
I’m a Christian too, but I need your help.
▪︎ I need you to pray for me. I was attacked by sickness recently, I prayed and nothing happened. I’m sure God will listen to you… (flattery! If God did not answer, He has a legitimate reason not to answer! )
▪︎ I need you to explain to me how to pray.
▪︎ I need you to teach me how to read the Bible.
▪︎ I need you to teach me how to listen to God’s word in sermons.
▪︎ I need you to teach me how I can continue to read the Bible daily.
▪︎ I struggle with my faith, but God uses you, so you can strengthen my faith. (Flattery, followed by a lie)
▪︎ I need you to teach me how to listen to God’s voice.
▪︎ Can you please read the Bible to me, for I get so tired when I’m reading, I like you to do it for me.
▪︎ Jesus said “follow me” but I don’t understand, please explain it to me.
▪︎ The Bible says Adam was the first man, please explain it to me.
Please, please, teach me, and explain the Bible to me.”

And after you explained it several times, the answer is:
I’m still confused, please explain it all to me again…
I want you to teach me still more… I will depend on you… (flattery, they should depend on the Christ only!)

And while you are spending a lot of time to answer the questions, a demon may be bringing you to a halt on your way to the Lord. Not seldom I discovered that the person who asked the questions was not at all interested in the answers, but only was having “fun” as they called it. Some “christians” also make it a habit to ask questions of which they already know the answer. Just to keep you busy and distract you from what God wants you to do.

And if you let them, you will after some time bear the burdens of that person on your back, or even that person himself too. You will have taught that person a lot of biblical knowledge, but it was all for nothing. And when you leave, they will find a next Christian whom they can delay on their way.

Be warned! You need discernment!
Is that person indeed a young Christian who needs some support, or is he or she just somebody posing as a Christian, but is in reality somebody who is put on your way by satan, to delay you on your way, or even (if possible) bring your process towards the Kingdom to a complete halt.

It is important to know God’s will!
It is important to know for sure if it is God Who wants you to spend (lots of) time with that particular person, or if it just an other distraction on your way.
For when you get involved with the latter kind of people, who will fire one question after the other at you, and not seldom the next day the same questions again, “can you explain again please, for I still don’t understand”…

Be careful how you react for
▪︎ when you give attention to persons you should not,
▪︎ or when you don’t give attention to persons you should,
you may grieve the Spirit.

You may try to do good, but at the same time you may bring your own Spiritual growth to a halt, by grieving the Spirit, and causing Him to leave you.

Many, who think they are doing a good work, are in fact only helping lazy “christians”, and let satan waste their valuable time.
Time which could have been used to deepen their relationship with God the Father, and/or helping those who really needed their help.

Be aware that I’m not saying that you should help nobody!
I’m saying that you must stay within the plan of God for your life, and do what He wants you to do, and not be distracted, or follow your own plans.

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