The sinner’s prayer

That is what people sometimes call the prayer that someone must pray who really wants to be converted.
Fortunately, it often happens that someone realizes that he or she is hopelessly stuck and wants to acknowledge it honestly. Maybe during a conversation, or maybe you were on your own when you cried out to God, as a cry for help…
But if you do not know how to pray, what should you say? Well then pray “the sinner’s prayer”; that is in some booklets, and it has sometimes helped people in need.
Yet I am not writing it out for you. Because, in my opinion, a true conversion is not repeating what someone else said or wrote. But what then?

Are you really in need?
Then I have an old recipe that consists of three words: Misery, Salvation and Gratitude.

  1. Misery
    Say or cry out your misery to God. Open up all your need, and your heart to God, from A to Z, and especially your sin, and do not blame anyone else, or God, for your wasted life.
  2. Salvation
    Know that there is redemption, a Savior who loves you. Call Him by His Name: Jesus, the Christ, and tell Him that you have heard from the Bible that He died on the cross for sinners… And Lord Jesus, I am also a sinner, so it was for me too!
    Tell him that you want to accept Him as your Savior, Who wants to forgive your sins, and that you now ask Him to live in your life, and that you will follow Him, that you want to take His guidance from, because you trust his love.
  3. Gratitude
    If you have done so, it cannot be different, you will start thanking Him for His immeasurable love. He who loved you so much that He died for you, in your place. Wouldn’t you thank Him for that ..? Try it, find words to thank him, and his Holy Spirit will help you!
    The more you thank Him, the happier you will become. Thus the sinner’s prayer turns into a prayer of thanks from a child of God.


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