This makes me cry

Some people call themselves Christians, but apparently have no relationship with the Christ whatsoever..!

The following statements I received over the previous weeks made me so sad…

● I thought you were Roman Catholic, but your messages show that you are not praying to our holy mother Mary. Though I really like your messages, it is now clear to me that you are not a Catholic, so I will unfriend you.
• Apparently religion was more important to her than a relationship with the Christ.

● I thought you were a Baptist but since you are not I will leave your page!
• Apparently for him too, religion was more important, than hearing the truth.

● Again an other person told me “I always thought you were a Pentecostal. Now I think you are not, I will go!”
• To them who have their mouth full of unity, speaking in tongues, and healing, the outward things for the moment seem to be more important than their eternal destination.

● If you are not belonging to the Reformed Church, to what denomination do you belong?
• I think this woman just wanted to be sure before she would leave the group.

● I think you belong to an Apostolic Church right?
• This man was already gone before I could answer. Probably he found out I didn’t, before I read his message.

It seems that religion has much more power over people than they like to admit.

Admins of groups seem to have similar problems.
Can I allow his message to be read by the members of my group?
If they read daily something he writes, will my members stay, or will they go? And being indecisive they leave the messages piling up in pending messages, or they decide to delete the message.
In some groups the members saw nothing from me for over a month. (!)

Next week I will start leaving groups where the admins are not approving my messages (leaving them as pending messages, or deleting them). As it is useless to post every day, while the members will never see anything.

● “Did you leave <group name>?” or “Why did you stop writing? I’m missing your messages!” were reasons to check it, only to find out that all messages were deleted by the admins, or that they all were still pending. (In some groups there were 30 to 50 messages still waiting for approval).
(That while I was asked to write as well in their group)
A message to the admins was also ignored. So they leave me no choice. 🙁

In the end I may be writing in my own group only

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