Do you know God?

1 John 4:8 (KJV)

He that loveth not, knoweth not God; for God is love.

Most people are aware that God exists; Those who don’t know Him refer to Him as “a superpower”, and even those who tell you that they don’t believe in any god, will admit that there is “something”, some “extraordinary power”.

In history we see that people who saw the greatness and power of God in nature.
They understood that there is a God. And because they didn’t know Him, some made, against God’s will, images of Him. And bowed before those images. And we still see people who don’t know God, bowing down for some kind of image, a stone, a building, or anything man made.

It is God’s love for people, that made Him, in spite of us, to prepare a way for us.
Because of His righteousness and because He is just, He has to punish our transgressions.
Bit it is God’s love that made Him to send His Son, Who took our punishment, our guilt, the wrath of God on our sins, upon Him, so we could survive.

It was His love for human beings, that caused Him to sacrifice His only begotten Son, for the sin of mankind.

It is really unbelievable that God’s love is so great, that He gave this gift of salvation, in Jesus, to the likes of us, evil people as we are.
Still, this is a gift that was given to all of us.

It takes the Spirit of God, and His Word to know God, and truly have contact with Him.

Just now and then a random act of kindness, and saying that you are a Christian, is not what is meant by living a Christian life!

Being a Christian is showing that you live a life, with a Christ-like nature, and love for people, being a living testimony of the goodness of God.

Those who call themselves Christians, but who don’t care for the (spiritual) wellbeing of others, and don’t even show a shadow of kindness, don’t have the love of God in them, and don’t truly know Him.

Sometimes it may even be easier to give a beggar some money, then to talk with him about his spiritual situation.
Though the last has influence on his eternal destination.

May our Lord give us all more insight, to be able to see their real condition, and grant us the love to help them.

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