Some day it will be too late

In less than 100 years, no matter how young you are today, every reader of this will be dead.

If Jesus did not yet return, you’ll be resting in your grave, waiting to be resurrected with an eternal body, in which you will be judged.
For some the judgment will be the start of everlasting glory, for others the moment your stay in hell will begin.

From the moment you die, you are not able to do anything anymore. Also not on your eternal destination, in respect to paradise or hell.

In case you had a rich life, your heirs may have had some sentimental value in what they received. But most of it will be gone after a while.

By then your beautiful clothes would have become rags in the eyes of others, and are since long replaced by more recent trends.

If you had a beautiful house, maybe others enjoy it then, or maybe it was demolished to make room for houses that better fit the demands of that age.

Your car, yes that car where you are now so proud of, may be on display as an historical artifact by others. But more chance, your proud possession has gone through the shredder. Replaced by more advanced technology.

And you?
For the most part, you will be forgotten, never to be thought of again, by anyone.

You don’t think so?
Just tell me, and be honest, how often do you think about your great grandfather? How often does your great grandmother cross your mind?

Your temporary stay on this earth is just long enough to decide where you want to be in eternity. But sadly many don’t use that time wisely.
You were created to honor your creator, did you serve that purpose?

Our presence here on earth today, that short time presence, that we make so much noise about, and shed so many tears for, was preceded by countless generations before us, and if Jesus does not yet return may be followed by numbers of generations after us.

Every generation that passed through this world, had to bid it farewell, not having fulfilled even a fraction of the ambitions they had. Our lives are, in reality, much shorter than we imagine.

One day, every one will realize, just how worthless the stuff the world offered us actually was, and how trivial those dreams that centred on actually were.

By then everyone of us will be wishing that we had dedicated our lives to the great matters of GOD, and devoted ourselves to doing good deeds, and that we had taken the right decision, and used more time for following Jesus, as that continues to benefit us after our death.

By that time many who are reading this may screaming out in vain: “Lord let me return! So that I may still do, what I should have done.” The response to this, however, shall be: “No!”

Many in regret, will be saying: “I wish that I had prepared for my life.”

Please, if you are not yet a follower of the Christ, start following Jesus today!

Prevent that you will be sorry for ever and ever. Live your life on this earth wisely, and glorify your creator, and not His creation with your life!

May my heavenly Father be your Helper.
And after that day you cannot change your destination anymore.

Let us put more of ourselves, of our time, and of our energy in serving God, and in doing what He asks of us.

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