It is well with my soul

2 Timothy 4:3-4

³For the time will come when they will NOT ENDURE SOUND DOCTRINE; but wanting to have their EARS TICKLED, they will accumulate for themselves TEACHERS in accordance TO THEIR OWN DESIRES, ⁴and will TURN AWAY their ears FROM THE TRUTH and will turn aside to myths.

Often I think that the time these verses speak about has come, as many will not endure sound teaching anymore, but have ITCHING EARS, only willing to listen to WHAT THEY LIKE TO HEAR.
So they will accumulate for themselves teachers that suit THEIR OWN THOUGHTS and PASSIONS, and by doing so they are turning AWAY FROM listening to THE TRUTH, and now have WANDERED OFF to LISTENING TO MYTHS.

You know that I have had a heart attack, and a few weeks later a cardiac arrest, for which I’m still under control at the hospital.
Now imagine that the cardiologist would give me an ADVICE to do, or leave something. I think I would take that advice a lot heavier than just a tip from salesman. To me that advice would be similar to a LAW. Because not following the advice could bring my life in serious danger.

Now what would you think if I would react with: “I don’t like that advice, I’ll find myself an other doctor”. And when I get a similar advice there, I’ll move to the next, till I find one that TELLS ME WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR.

You’ll declare me to be a fool, wouldn’t you?
And I think your judgment in this matter would be right.
One with common sense will not bring his LIFE INTO JEOPARDY because he DOESN’T LIKE THE MESSAGE from the cardiologist.

Still, when I look at the reactions of people, when it concerns their soul, this is exactly what I see many do. They bring their ETERNAL LIFE INTO JEOPARDY, just because they DON’T LIKE THE MESSAGE from the Bible, and so they found themselves a minister who tells them WHAT THEY LIKE TO HEAR.

And when I try to warn them, you have no idea how angry they can become.
• Angry enough to throw me out of church,
• angry enough to block me from groups, and
• angry enough to completely ignore me, as if I don’t exist anymore.

On a physical level it is not too difficult to realise that it will be LIFE THREATENING not to listen to the doctor. Then why is it so hard to realize that this reality, when it comes to the spiritual realm, is FAR MORE SIGNIFICANT?

LISTEN now carefully. Your PHYSICAL HEALTH and fitness has a certain value, but your SPIRITUAL HEALTH and fitness is far more important!
It is not only essential for THIS LIFE, but also for the LIFE TO COME.

Your soul is ETERNAL. It is the very essence of who you are, and it will pass into eternity. Still many give more attention to their body, which will not remain.

I’m glad that i can say, that although my body is not anymore as fit as it once has been. And although it is every day physically wasting further away, or deteriorating, IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL, the very essence of me which is eternal, is doing well.

I hope and pray that you too can say “It is well with my soul !”

Please make sure you receive ENOUGH, and GOOD FOOD for your soul. (Not just what you like to hear, but the complete Gospel)
The Gospel is not just given to be a blessing to us today, it has an ETERNAL VALUE !
SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS into all eternity, not just materials for today, and specially not those that feed greed.

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