What do you think…?

What would you think if I would walk into a greengrocer and order a loaf of bread? What would you think I will get, and what I will bring home?

Or what do you think I would get, if I went to the bakery store and ask for meat or fish?

Of course this would be stupid.
Nobody would do that.

But why then, when we talk about faith or religion, is this exactly what thousands of people today are doing?
And why are they amazed that they do not get what they asked for?

Further they are not only at the wrong address; they also do not ask what they need.
Instead of that, most of them just say some words they have learned out of their head, from some booklet.

Crazy? To me it is, but to thousands this is their daily practice.

Because it is their religion!
Because there is a person who tells them they have to do it this way!

Jesus clearly tells us, that when we pray, we have to pray TO THE FATHER IN HIS (Jesus’) NAME.

Why then are there thousands not doing that?
Was it never told to them?
Here too, they do so because there was a man who told them to do so (and to ignore what Jesus said).

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