Virtue or vice?

Romans 14:16
Therefore do not let what is for you a good thing
be spoken of as evil


Cloaked in the guise of virtue we often find a vice.

Virtue or vice?
It is sometimes hard to distinguish between the two.
What some call “praiseworthy” might be looked upon as “unworthy” by others.
It is even possible for virtues to turn into vices if they are overdone or reflect an improper motivation.

The danger of good “going to seed” is suggested by Vernon Mortenson in his listing of the “Ideal Qualifications of a Christian.” You’ll notice that the line of demarcation between the characteristics in each column is actually quite obscure.

A Christian should be:
▪︎ Self-reliant but not self-sufficient
▪︎ Energetic but not self-seeking
▪︎ Steadfast but not stubborn
▪︎ Tactful but not timid
▪︎ Serious but not sullen
▪︎ Loyal but not sectarian
▪︎ Unmovable but not stationary
▪︎ Gentle but not hypersensitive
▪︎ Tenderhearted but not touchy
▪︎ Conscientious but not a perfectionist
▪︎ Disciplined but not demanding
▪︎ Meek but not weak
▪︎ Humorous but not hilarious
▪︎ Friendly but not familiar
▪︎ Holy but not “holier-than-thou”
▪︎ Discerning but not critical
▪︎ Progressive but not pretentious

Cultivate virtues, but beware, lest through carnality they degenerate into vices instead!

Error is error and naught this can change,
While virtue is steadfast and sure;
But men exchange one for the other, I fear,
Till much that they do is impure.

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