Flourishing palm trees

Psalms 92:12
The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree,
He will grow like a cedar in Lebanon.


Flourishing Christians should constantly gain new graces, for to stop growing is a sure symptom of decay!

Palm trees are very hearty, for they must live on the desert and contend with dust and drought.

Joseph Angus in an enlightening commentary writes:
“The palm tree is remarkable for its beauty, its erect aspiring growth, and its waving plumes which have been symbolic of praise in all ages.
It never fades, and the dust never settles upon it.
It was used by the children of Israel in celebrating the feast of the tabernacles, and was borne aloft by the multitude that accompanied the Savior to Jerusalem.
Its leafy branches are represented as emblems of victory in the hands of the redeemed in Heaven.
The people of Syria speak of 360 uses to which the palm is applied.
Its shade refreshes the traveler. When he is thirsty, it announces water.
Moreover, its best fruit is produced in old age, the finest dates often being gathered when the tree has stood for a century or more.”

The palm tree also reproduces itself by sending from its roots a large number of shoots which in time form a forest by their growth.

In the desert of this world the Christian too must stand straight, beautiful, and victorious. To do this, he must ever have his roots in the living water that flows from Him who is the Fountain of all good.

Lovely “palms of Christian testimony and victory’ are found growing in the most unlikely places of privation and physical restriction.
The child of God who knows the Word and lives in intimate relationship with Him who is “The Truth” can be tremendously useful in this world so full of need.

Christian, are you a blighted, backslidden believer?
Or are you flourishing and full of good fruit?

The righteous man to flourish well
Should ever in God’s presence dwell;
Then nourished like a goodly tree,
He’ll bear rich fruit and useful be.

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